Early Reading Literacy Program Spring 2015

Nancy Newell

Early Reading co-chairs Eileen Hanley and Patricia Van Hoegarden enlisted members and non-member friends to read to young preschool and Head Start students at local schools. 

Children enjoy gathering in small groups or one-on-one with readers who take time to answer questions, point out details, and then participate in a supplemental coloring activity that makes learning fun. 

The best part is when we write their names on the book and let them know it's theirs to keep. 

Patty DeWitt

Front row: Marianne Cortopassi, Pat Allen, Mary McGovern, Carol Park, Chris Hotchkin, Nancy Newell, Patty DeWitt, Eileen Hanley, Patricia Van Hoegarden   Back row: Jane Cella, Inga Haveric 


Phyllis Young

May 21, Ideal School, Countryside: 99 Students 

Heather Laughman

Janet Roxworthy

Kate Simonetti, Non-member Volunteer 

June Scott, Non-member Volunteer

May 28 at Holmes School, Clarendon Hills: 20 Students 

Chris Hotchkin 

Maddy LaRocco

Nancy Newell

Kate Simonetti, Non-member Volunteer

 Congress Park School, Brookfield: 34 Students