Operation School Bell® goes shopping

The first Kohl's shopping days for Burr Ridge Middle School, held Sunday and Monday, September 28 & 29, were a huge success on many levels. The kids loved picking out their own clothing and shoes, their moms were thankful for the assistance and ALCW members were amazed at how well the in-store process worked.
A big thank you to BRMS social worker Beth Reynolds who made our job so much easier. She greeted and checked in students two days in a row, missing her own daughter's soccer championship game on Sunday and coming over after a long school day on Monday.

Beth relayed the excitement we could only imagine.

 "Kids came into my office on Monday morning to show off their new clothes," Beth said. "Some girls even twirled around my office."

We also thank the Kohl's employees who came in our their day off to assist the students as part of the Kohl's Cares for Kids program.

"Payton lit up like a Christmas tree when I suggested he get a Blackhawks shirt," said volunteer Ron.

Special kudos to the wonderful cashier who worked two days in a row, making sure the kids received their money's worth. If they were under, she suggested what else they could purchase from the low-priced items set out near the register and if they were over, she helped them make the difficult decision of what to keep and how to make their money come out even.