Family Shelter Service thanks Assistance League (video included)

Hi Heather,
                It was a pleasure to meet you on August 27 and to have the women of the Assistance League visit our shelter. I’m so proud of the partnership that together our organizations have forged and I hope you are too.  I have some follow up information for Assistance League and I’m hoping you would be willing to pass it along.  ☺
Dear Assistance League Members,
Thank you for your hard work and passion for helping our most vulnerable friends and neighbors. Specifically, thank you for your commitment to those who have been affected by domestic abuse and your desire to end violence in our community. As you may remember from me being on a ladder yesterday, we were having some audio visual difficulties. Fortunately, with the aid of newer (and better) technology, I can share our video electronically. When our clients recall the pain of living in an oppressive and abusive home, they remember wearing a mask to hide their pain. The video, “Behind the Mask,” helps explain how secrecy and silence are domestic violence’s best allies.
The work you do is truly remarkable. By finding the courage to talk about domestic violence in DuPage county, you are outing a heinous crime, reducing stigma for those affected, and ultimately making it easier for those suffering in silence to find help and hope. Thank you so very much. 

Amanda Wapiennik
Development Coordinator