Operation School Bell kicks off in the heat of summer

Laila Alamuddin

Operation School Bell had an awesome packing party on Thursday, July 24th. 

Thanks to Judy Casten, Chris Hotchkin, Judy Iantosca, Mary Lou Fyrwald, Marie Raffl, Maria Garino, Mo Hegarty, Inga Haveric, Mary Ann Karis, Barb Keller and Diane Kurtz. All inventory received was packed in under three hours.

Way to go!
Laila Alamuddin 

Mo Hegarty and Diane Kurtz
Mary Lou Fyrwald and Judy Iantosca

Maria Garino, Inga Haveric, Barb Keller

Chris Hotchkin and Betty Cronin
Mary Ann Karris and Peg Raese