National representatives visit Chicagoland West

Jennie Hampton and Betty Cronin

Jennie Hampton, the Bay Area Texas chapter, and Jane Rosinski,  Charlotte, North Carolina chapter, conducted National Assistance League's four year chapter visitation on April 28 and 29. Jennie is a member of two national committees, Chapter Services and Chapter Formation, and Jane is Director of the Membership Committee.  
  • "Thanks to Jennie Hampton and Jane Rosinski for taking the time to come here and visit our chapter. Remember, they are volunteers just like us. I believe it was a fun, productive and interesting visit. They had nothing but good things to say about our chapter and we should all be proud of the work we are doing here. They are so happy we are here!" Heather Laughman

Welcome Dinner at Judy Casten's Home

Jane Rosinski, Linda Legner, Pat Allen, Carol Park
Maureen Hegarty, Madelon Pearlman, Annette Phillips, Jennie Hampton

Meg Cooper, Sandra Ver Beek, Sally Rozak
Phyllis Young, Maddy LaRocco, Inga Haveric, Patricia Van Hoegarden
Marguerite Spangehl unveils the catered dinner
Ricki Lessig, Annette Phillips, Maureen Hegarty, Diane Mrozek

Business Meeting at the ALCW Office 

Diane Kurtz, Annette, Maureen, Sue Farrell, Ricki, Linda, Marguerite and Patricia
Linda, Marguerite, Patricia, Jennie and Jane

Meg, president Heather Laughman, Madelon, Laila Alamuddin, Phyllis