Books & Brunch 2013

Our signature fundraiser Books & Brunch celebrated its 17th and most successful year on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 with gross revenues topping $114,000. This year's literary luncheon featured three authors who mingled with guests, autographed books and provided a lively lunchtime presentation presided over by NBC5 co-anchor and reporter Dick Johnson, our annual master of ceremonies and a loyal supporter. More than 400 guests heard the stories behind the story for Laura Krughoff‘s debut novel My Brother’s Name and Samuel Park’s novel This Burns My Heart. Attorney and law professor Lori Andrews, an authority in bioethics and electronic privacy, engaged the audience with a preview of I Know Who You Are and I Know What You Did.

“It’s great to have friends and neighbors coming together to support the less fortunate members of our community,” said Meg Cooper, Books & Brunch co-chair along with Maureen Hegarty. “People comment on how different and special it is to come to a ladies’ fundraising event and hear authors speaking on interesting and captivating topics.”

Assistance League’s hands-on programs and the role the programs play in improving health outcomes in underserved neighborhoods attracted the attention of The University of Chicago Medicine, a new Books & Brunch sponsor for the 2013 event.

“When children have the supplies and resources to stay in school, and families are given the chance to prepare healthy meals in furnished kitchens, we are a few steps closer to eliminating the types of preventable health issues that hit lower income communities the hardest,” said Lindsay Rand, Sr. Strategy Manager, Strategic Planning forThe University of Chicago Medicine.

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Assistance League of Chicagoland 

Meet Our Newest Members

Row One, L to R: Carol Park, Judy Iantosca, Helena Puche
Row Two: Eileen Hanley, Patricia Van Hoegarden
Row Three: Sue Farrell, Julia Wade, Barb Grand, Mary Genovese 
Row Four: Karyn Vanderwarren, Peggy Knowles,Cathy Fisher, Annette Phillips 

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Samuel Park, Lori Andrews, Maureen Hegarty, Meg Cooper, Laura Krughoff

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Michelle Kovach -- Bella Cosa Jewelers
Shelia Nicosia, Neiman Marcus, & Meg Cooper

Heather Laughman with Lindsay Rand, The University of Chicago

Linda Legner peruses our authors' books

Books & Brunch Members and Guests
Mary McGovern, Marguerite Spangehl, Sue Farrell 
Ly Hotchkin (right) and friend 
Laurie Cleary, Ellen Pfoetz, friend, Jennifer Ward

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Marilyn Krafthefer, Linda Gonnella, Renee Cronin, Jan McGivern, Helene Paris 

Judy Casten,  Jeanne Eber 

Diane Kurtz & Friend 

Diane Mrozek & Friend 

Betty Cronin & Linda Gonnella 

Marty Vexter & Teresa Palmitier

Heather Laughman & Marie Raffl

Guests Sharon Smith, Irene McClendon & Linda Proudfoot


Heather Laughman, Lindsay Rand, Samuel Park, Trish Reider

Marilyn Krafthefer, Madelon Pearlman, Mary Genovese & Barb Keller
man the eBay table 

Artist Maureen Claffy 

Mary Parsons & Jeneane Ally

Marilyn Cushing, Marie Raffl, Marianne Cortopassi

Anne Mueller, Laura Morse & Friend 

Nora Fleming with one of her platters 

Micki Rush & Nancy England 

Helena Puche & Laila Alamuddin

Marie Rossi (right) and Friend 

Dee Dugo, Maureen McKenna & Friend
Samuel Park 
Lori Andrews 

Laura Krughoff

Marianne Cortopassi & Vicki Bush-Joseph
Nancy Newell (right) and sister 
Barb Grand, Betty Cronin with friend

Diane Mrozek & Friend

JoAnn Carpenter & Janie Gold
Laurie Cleary & Marie Freier

Yvonne Morongiello & Amanda Kunzer
Catholic Charities

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Morgan Byrne & Janelle Barcelona
DuPage PADS 
Molly Howieson & Karen Stewart
Bridge Communities 

Sandy Davis & Carol Simler

Heather Laughman, Dick Johnson & Maureen Hegarty
Illinois State Represenative Patty Bellock & Dick Johnson 

Laura Krughoff, Samuel Park & Lori Andrews 

Dick Johnson as Master of Ceremonies

President Heather Laughman speaks about
Assistance League
The University of Chicago Medicine Receives Distinguished Donor Award 2013

Lindsay Rand accepts award

Becky Moats Receives 2013 Ada Edwards Laughlin Award 

Operation New Start featured in a special presentation by 
Carol Simler, Executive Director, DuPage PADS

Carol Simler, DuPage PADS
Linda Legner introduces authors

with Authors
Laura Krughoff speaks about My Brother's Name 

Samuel Park on This Burns My Heart 

Lori Andrews previews I Know Who You Are and I Know What You Did