Operation School Bell at Lace School in Darien

Patricia Van Hoegarden zips Diga into her new coat
Diga and Patricia
Site Coordinator Marty Vexter had double the number of volunteers at Lace School, thanks to all the members and friends who came out on a rainy day to fit the third through fifth graders into brand new winter coats.

"You have the best job," said new Principal Erin Dwyer.

"Some students know their parents signed up for coats, others don't, so it's a big surprise," commented Megan Seagraves, social worker.
"They ask, 'I get to keep it, I can take it home?'"

Mrs. Seagraves added, "What's really cool is seeing the kids wearing their coats on the first cold day. They're really proud."
Barbara Christopher and Odarrius

Principal Erin Dwyer with Wade

Barb Keller with Lamar

Patricia with Bryan

Barbara with Brenda

Matthew, Victor and Mikayla

Mary and Nancy Newell

Michelle Czerwinski checks the fit for Rhianna

Michelle and Rhianna

Terri Diorio with Jayden

Jovani, Jayden and Rene

Fernando and Elashia

Marianne Cortopassi with Pamela

Janie Gold with Joseph

Barbara and Lourdes

Shari Gillespie with Sarah and Aliraona

Joyce with Principal Dwyer

Nancy with Mia

Prinicpal Dwyer with Andres

Marty Vexter, Janie Gold, Barb Keller, Nancy Newell, Sally Rozak, Marianne Cortopassi, Patricia Van Hoegarden, Terri Diorio