ALCW Loves Bergio and Neiman Marcus

Assistance League of Chicagoland West is honored to have a special relationship with
Neiman Marcus Oak Brook and Berge Abajian, internationally acclaimed jewelry designer and President/CEO of Bergio.

Shelia Nicosia, manager of the Precious Jewelry Salon, graciously welcomed our group to a lovely breakfast event attended by Abajian, who has once again very generously donated a pendant necklace for a Books & Brunch grand jewelry raffle.

Shelia Nicosia

Madelon Pearlman and Berge Abajian

Sheila with Marianne Cortopassi, Phyllis Young, an ALCW friend and Diane Kurtz

Madelon and Sheila with Marie Rossi and Annette Phillips
Meg Cooper, Ricki Lessig, Marie Raffl and Mary Parsons

JoLyn Waichulis, Friend, Linda, Gonnella, Patricia Van Hoegarden, Eileen Hanley, Becky Moats, Shari Gillespie, Trish Reider, Diane Kurtz

Our lovely in-store breakfast on Wednesday, October 2 showcased Bergio's amazing jewelry collection, modeled tableside, as well as presentations by cosmetics, handbags and shoes, cashmere and furs.
Meg and Phyllis admire a Bergio ring
Bergio speaks to ALCW members

Shopping Envy at Neiman's: Purses, Shoes and Furs


It's our Phyllis
Is this Carrie Bradshaw?