Lots of help at Anne M. Jeans School

Leif Johnson Moving saves our backs

We had lots of help and a great group of grateful students at Anne M. Jeans School in Willowbrook. The crew from Leif Johnson Moving did the job we used to do, transporting and carrying all the heavy boxes into the schools.  Social workers Meghan Radtke and Lynn Moynihan were good leaders and even better assistants, shuttling in classes of kids and pitching in to help when all the ALCW volunteers were zipping up coats.
Meghan Radtke and Lynn Moynihan

This picture tells the OSB story

Mary Parsons
Meghan helps out, Jamie Marucha in the foreground

Anne M. Jeans School 

Having Fun
Before the Snow Flies
Handsome young men

Jamie Marucha

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