ALCW goes Glam with Bergio

Berge Abajian and Sheila Nicosia

Nieman sales associates ready to assist us
Trish Reider, Carla Feinkind, Linda Legner
Berge Abajian, CEO of Bergio International, and Sheila Nicosia, Manager of the Precious Jewelry Salon at Neiman Marcus Oak Brook welcomed ALCW members to a private breakfast reception that kicked off a two-day Bergio trunk show. We were honored to meet the very engaging and charming designer who traveled from Russia for just two days to attend the exclusive event at Neiman Marcus, an authorized Bergio jeweler.  ALCW is very grateful to Abajian who generously donated a diamond and sapphire pendant necklace for
our Books & Brunch jewelry raffle after Nicosia, a long-time ALCW supporter, introduced him to our philanthropic work. Talk about kids in a candy store. We had fun trying on the stunning rings, bracelets and necklaces from amazing Bergio collections.

Madelon Pearlman, Diane Mrozek, Meg Cooper

Ricki Lessig, Laurie Cleary, Marianne Cortopassi, Heather Laughman

Diane Mrozek and Becky Moats

Heather Laughman modeling a ring with Sally Rozak

Madelon Pearlman and Maureen Hegarty

Marie Raffl and Carla Feinkind trying rings on for size

Marilyn Krafthefer (left) and friends

Trish Reider and Marie Raffl

Ricki found many options

Trish and Diane convince Linda to buy the necklace

Maureen, Laurie, Meg, Heather and Carla watching...

...Colleen model Bergio