Operation New Start Delivers

Becky Moats, Heather Laughman, Pat Allen and Barb Keller

Operation New Start had a great turnout on August 23 to pack and deliver 12 kitchens to DuPage PADS. Thanks to Becky Moats, Barb Keller, Mary Kay Shukis, Pat Allen, Diane Kurtz, Sandra Verbeek, Debbie Newman, Jamie Marucha, Heather Laughman, Marie Raffl and Mary Parsons.
ONS delivers year-round but this was its biggest delivery.

Becky, Barb and Pat

Barb, Mary Kay Shukis and Pat

Becky and Barb

Pat and Becky


Becky and Barb

Marie Raffl, Jamie Marucha, Diane Kurtz, Deb Newman

Sandra VerbBeek, Mary Parsons, Marie, Deb and Jamie

Mary, Marie and Sandra

Kitchen essentials piled high


Barb, Mary and Heather