Members learn about Helping Hand Center

Mary Beth Hepp, Linda Esler and Julie Hautamaki
Mary Beth Hepp, executive director; Linda Esler, development director; and Julie Hautamaki, chief clinical officer of Helping Hand Center in Countryside spoke at our February Chapter meeting to familiarize Assistance League of Chicagoland West members with their organization.  
Helping Hand Center is a not-for-profit community-based agency that serves approximately 400 children and adults with mild to severe disabilities.  Helping Hand has been committed to assisting people with disabilities to become more independent for over 50 years.

Children's Services include an outpatient clinic with physical, speech, occupational and developmental therapy, early intervention services for 0-3 year olds, and a new Autism School and Autism Clinic. 

Adult Services include day services, housing options in the community, social skills training, physical therapy, counseling, behavioral therapies, employment counseling, job placement and independent living skills. More recently, Helping Hand Center has expanded services for its adult clients to include horticulture, cooking, computer training, art, music and recreation therapy.