Nothing to wine about...

Maureen Hegary welcomes members, guests and friends of ALCW

It was a superb evening in Hinsdale's newest happening spot - The Village Cellar wine bar and shop on Chicago Avenue.  The wine tasting party, first offered as a silent auction sign-up item at Books & Brunch and again online, drew around 37 people to the downtown location on Thursday, December 1. Spirits were high as ladies sipped wine, sampled appetizers from Taste of Home and chatted non-stop. It was a perfect beginning to the holiday month and a great place to revisit and enjoy a glass of wine in a cozy atmosphere.   

Maureen reconnects with Terri Diori

Trish Reider with friends

Diane Kurtz, Linda Legner, Jeanne Eber with friends

The fundraiser was hosted by members Maureen Hegarty, Linda Legner, Becky Moats, Deb Newman, Trish Reider and Joanna Williams. Thanks to their generous support, the party was pure profit and earned $1,850 for our program work.  Thanks, Ladies!
Mary McGovern samples appetizers

Ricki Lessig, Joanna Williams, Marianne Cortopassi, Marie Rossi

Heather Laughman and friend

Mary McGovern and friend

Terri Diorio, friend, Elodie Cassidy

Joanna with Judy Casten

Marianne and Ricki

Becky Moats, friend, Mary Parsons

Deb Newman with Julia Wade