Morning After

Proud    Happy    Relieved  
All these words describe the feelings floating around on the morning after Books & Brunch as members gathered at Diane Mrozek's home for the traditional celebratory brunch. 
Proud to belong to such a wonderful organization of women, happy about the overall success of the day and relieved -- well, relieved that everything came off without a hitch.

Ricki Lessig and Marie Raffl
Laurie Cleary and Usha Swamy
Sally Rozak, Marie Rossi, Diane Mrozek,
Trish Reider, Laurie Cleary, Maria Kim 
Sally Rozak, Mary McGovern, Trish Reider
Marie Raffl and Marianne Cortopassi
Joanna Willams and Madelon Pearlman
Maria Kim and Carol Yee
Heather Laughman, Trish Reider, Carla Feinkind,
Diane Kurtz, Marianne Cortopassi,
Marie Rossi, Usha Swamy
Phyllis Young and Mary McGovern 

Marie Rossi and Maureen Hegarty
Joanna Williams and Linda Legner
Jan McGivern, co-creator of
the first Books & Brunch 15 years ago

After a few cups of coffee, Diane popped the champagne. The first toast was to Phyllis Young, our 2011 Ada Edwards Laughman award recipient. 

If I had had the composure yesterday when Trish announced that I was the recipient of the Ada Edwards Laughlin Award this is what I would have wanted to convey:
Thanks for this totally unexpected honor.  There are many members more deserving, who do so much more than I.
My husband, Mark and I moved to Hinsdale 22 years ago. However, it wasn’t until Betty Cronin introduced me to ALCW  seven years ago and I became a member, that I ever felt a sense of community. I am proud and it is a privilege to be a member of ALCW. 

The highlight of the morning was the treasurer's report, created the night before by Ricki Lessig with her team, Joanna Williams and Deb Newman.  
Attendance topped the 370 mark and included 342 paid reservations, up from 324 in 2010.  
 The total "gross" receipts are at $92,805 vs $79,367 in 2010 with preliminary net income for 2011 at $75,304 vs $62,007 last year. 

President Carla Feinkind toasts with co-chairs
Maureen Hegarty and Meg Cooper as
Ricki Lessig give us the numbers

Joanna Williams and Ricki Lessig

Madelon Pearlman and Mary McGovern 

Diane Kurtz and Mary Parsons

Meg and Mo give kudos all around, acknowledging all the assistance, caring and commitment that went into the most successful Books & Brunch to date. In a surprise announcement, we learned that this dynamic duo decided to chair the 2012 B&B.  NBC5 newscaster Dick Johnson has already signed on for another year and Linda Legner has a commitment for 2012 from our first author, Paul Virant, famed chef of Vie Restaurant in Western Springs.