Knee Deep in Coats

The driver was kind enough
to cart the pallet to the front door
saving a ton of work

Jeff Cortopassi cuts the shrink wrap
Diane Kurtz and Jeff
Best laid Operation School Bell delivery with 94 boxes of coats, 12 to a box, was expected to arrive late morning/early afternoon on Wednesday, August 24 to coincide with the first chapter meeting of the year. Linda Gonnella and Linda Legner rushed over to the OSB storage site after the meeting along with several members who volunteered to help.

Seven hours later, they were still waiting when the call finally came for a 6 p.m. delivery.  The crew arrived to unload - Diane Kurtz, Sally Rozak, Diane Mrozek and Marianne Cortopassi who brought the muscle - husband Jeff and brother-in-laws Dennis and Kirk, visitors from Northern California.

Any men - husbands, sons, brothers etc. - who want to help with heavy lifting, are more than welcome.
Thanks to everyone's assistance, the whole truckload was down the stairs, rough sorted and counted in an hour.

Diane and Jeff made an efficient pair
Dennis Cortopassi 

Kirk Cortopassi
Thanks Boys

Linda Gonnella and Linda Legner after a long day

Linda checks the shipment