Operation Early Reading Springs into Action

Phyllis Young is full of expression

Click Clack Moo
Click Clack Moo
Clickety Clack Moo  

First graders at Anne M. Jeans School in Willowbrook were a smart and lively bunch who read excerpts of Click Clack Moo with our Operation Early Reading volunteers on Thursday, April 14. 

Some students said they had watched the video and liked the story about Farmer Brown and his typing cows. Although the book was age appropriate, volunteers had the opportunity to discuss some harder concepts when the cows went on strike and when duck, a neutral party brought an ultimatum to the cows.   

Marianne Cortopassi
Paula Whitelaw

Heather Laughman
Students respond to learning activity
Phyllis hands out take home books
(notice her COWhide boots!)

Thank You Assistance League
You're Welcome

Carol Yee organized the two day reading fest that included Anne M Jeans School on Thursday and the morning and afternoon classes in the LaGrange Headstart program at Ideal School in Countryside and Congress Park School in Brookfield on Tuesday, April 12. Reading If I Had a Dragon to preschoolers were Ricki Lessig, Heather Laughman, Becky Moats, Mary Parsons, Arie Quick, Usha Swamy, Marianne Cortopassi and Susan Rusk, a friend of ALCW who jumps in to help when needed. Current co-chair Maria Kim and former member Mary Armario read to the Spanish speaking only kids.