ONS supports PADS

Phyllis and Betty join forces to stock PADS

On Monday, March 14th, Phyllis Young helped us deliver the kitchen equipment to the PADS day center in Wheaton. The facility had been redone and most of the older kitchen equipment was about to "expire". Based on our work with PADS, a request was made for an entire kitchen "wish list". Because they serve so many meals each day at lunch, industrial strength and equipment up to code for restaurnat standards was required. Operation New Start stepped up and donated a part of their budget at the last meeting. Thank you to all at ALCW for raising the money, buying the items, and carting them to the day center.
                    ---Submitted by Betty Cronin 

PADS DuPage Executive DIrector Carol Simler was extremely grateful for the collaborative effort.  Operation New Start donated the funds that allowed Betty Cronin to shop for items on the extensive PADS wish list. For 25 years, DuPage PADS has provided hope for people who are homeless in DuPage County by offering an array of services that builds towards self-sufficiency and helps to stop the cycle of homelessness. 

Betty & Phyllis:
It is with humble appreciation that I thank you for the generous kitchen shower for our newly renovated Support Center!  I went this morning to talk to Sue & Jen and was overjoyed at what you have provided. 

Please extend our thanks to the member of the Assistance League for providing us a "new start" in our new space.  Our staff can't wait to get all the items put away and being to use them.  PLUS! When I was there the UPS truck pulled up with the coffee grinder.  Wow, down to the last detail.

We are certainly blessed by your hard work and your saying "yes" to help us begin again.

With sincere thanks!
Carol Simler
Executive Director 

Here is the "wish list" we fulfilled: It is a long list----

Kitchen Wish List
Dutch Oven (large heavy kettle) 5 qt – stainless steel w/copper bottom
Knives – 8 or 10 inch chefs, 3 or 4 inch paring, and serrated knife for slicing bread
Assorted oven-safe and microwave safe mixing bowls, at least 2 very large (monster) size
Liquid and dry measuring cups
Measuring spoons
Bunn type coffeemaker, at least a 2 burner
Coffee grinder
Food processor (chopper)
Baking sheets – large commercial and large personal use kitchen sizes
Disposable aluminum food servers (large and small)
Toaster slice- bagel size slots (4 slice)
Food thermometers
Stainless steel colander
Assorted stainless steel or aluminum slotted and regular spoons, ladles, serving forks, all with long handles
Plastic resealable containers to store sugar, coffee and leftovers
Metal tongs with blunt and scalloped edges
Scoops for sugar, coffee, etc
Kitchen shears
Various sizes of funnels
Tea/Juice/Drink-Mix pitchers
Vegetable peelers
Casserole dishes for microwave and oven
Heat resistant spatulas
Heavy duty can opener
Cutting boards – different colors for different types of foods
Resealable plastic bags (quart and gallon size)
Commercial size aluminum and plastic wrap
Small bowls or containers to hold sugar/sweetener packets, salt/pepper packets, creamer packets, etc
Serving platters and bowls

Cleaning Supplies
Kitchen towels
Dish soap
Sink strainers
Paper products
Trash bags (tall kitchen and 45 gal)
Small pails
Stand alone paper towel roll holder
Commercial dish drainer for dishes to air dry
Stainless steel cleaner
Oven cleaner