Operation New Start

Seventeen members attended the
Operation New Start meeting

Co-chairs Phyllis Young and Deb Newman led a great Operation New Start meeting on November 30. The figures for the program are astounding - thirty seven kitchens have been delivered since June. 
The ladies have it all organized from shopping to setting up delivery teams by agency. Lots of new members have jumped right in with two feet. Diane Kurtz, Paula Whitelaw, Kathy Motherway   and Heather Laughman attended the meeting along with many dedicated members who are always "hands on" for so many of our programs. 
Hey ladies, just another example of opening your hearts and souls to others....another example of our  Caring and Commitment in Action -- Carla
Phyllis Young and Deb Newman at work
Sally Bacon and husband Bob form the management inventory team

Beth Waldo's son lends a hand

An Open Letter from one of our Collaborators 

Karen Stewart - Case Manager/Program Partner Liaison
       Bridge Communities - Glen Ellyn, IL

Dear Phyllis,
I'd be happy to share a few stories with you of families who have benefited from the Operation New Start.
Actually "Anna" is my client and she did receive one of the kitchen set-ups. If you remember from Anna's story, she was living very frugally when she came into our program but still having a hard time paying the rent and all her bills earning $9.10 an hour. She appreciated receiving the needed items in her kitchen and actually enjoys cooking for her two girls. She has worked very hard and is now earning $11.75. She has been taking classes and hopes to earn a certification soon. She is very appreciative of all that she has received from your group as well as from the mentors who have met weekly with her.
Lucy and her 4 children moved in with very little furnishings. She was SO appreciative of all the items you were able to supply her with. She had been staying with a family member in a crowded situation. She has settled in and started a new job where she is making $2.42 more per hour. She is going to take some classes at COD and hopefully earn an associates degree before she leaves the program.
Kandice entered our program ths summer. She is a young mother with a 10 month old son. She too was living with family in an overcrowded apt. So she came with very little. You helped her furnish her kitchen and she was thrilled to be able to call this apt. her home. She has never lived on her own and was very grateful that the church group helped her get some furniture as well. We also were able to provide her with  a donated car. With everyone working together , Kandice hit the floor running. She now has a full time job and is so motivated to make the most of these two years.
So as you can see, we are all playing a part and together we certainly can make a difference. Thanks so much for what you contribute to each of our families...