Edgewood Valley CC Donates Almost $4,000 to ALCW

Marie Rossi and Arlene Deets
Talking about Assistance League pays off big. Just ask Marie Rossi.

Marie told Arlene Deets, chair/organizer of Edgewood Valley Country Club's annual Holiday Bazaar and Luncheon about our philanthropic programs. The next thing Marie heard was that  Arlene designated ALCW as the beneficiary of the bazaar's two-day raffle proceeds.

"Arlene was very impressed and so pleased to be having the money, nearly $4,000 this year, go to women and children particularly," Marie said.

Marie, a member at Edgewood in La Grange, personally showed her gratitude by hosting a table of ten ALCW members.
Laurie Cleary, Judy Casten, Linda Legner
Marie Rossi, Diane Mrozek, Phyllis Young, Meg Cooper, Carla Feinkind, Trish Reider and Marguerite Spangehl