The Morning After Books & Brunch

      Linda Legner, Usha Swamy, Carla Feinkind and
                        Heather Laughman
Judy Casten opened her historic Hinsdale home to our morning after party.  What a wonderful celebration it was after months of planning, organizing, worrying and working to make Books & Brunch 2010 the best ever. Attendance hit an all time high with 324 paid guests and 9 comps.

We netted about $61,000 to continue our philanthropic programs in an economic climate that is seeing less charitable giving and more cutbacks in social services. Long time supporters and people newly acquainted with Assistance League believe in our mission to help children, women and families in our neighborhoods and the surrounding communities.
Diane Kurtz and Carla Feinkind

Judy Casten and Maria Kim 

Usha Swamy, Marianne Cortopassi, Dee Dugo

Linda Legner and Maria Kim 

JoAnn Slezak and Sally Rozak

Marie Rossi, Mo Hegarty and Diane Kurtz

Laurie Cleary and Mary Parsons 

Diane Mrozek and B & B chair JoAnn Slezak 

A toast to Books and Brunch 

Marie Rossi, Marguerite Spangehl, Debbie Newman and Meg Cooper

Meg Cooper, Mo Hegarty, Diane Kurtz and Trish Reider 

Mary Parsons, Heather Laughman and Laurie Cleary 

Diane Mrozek 

Ricki Lessig and Pat Mrozek 

Joanna Williams and Ricki Lessig

B & B Chairs Laurie Cleary and JoAnn Slezak 

Ricki Lessig, Beth Waldo and Carla Feinkind

Madelon Pearlman, Usha Swamy and Dee Dugo 

Pat Mrozek and Nancy Newell 

Marianne Cortopassi and Mo Hegarty 

Maria Kim, Linda Legner, Heather Laughman and Marguerite Spangehl

Photos by Marie Raffl