Chef Rick Tramonto Praises Assistance League

On Tuesday afternoon, November 9, acclaimed chef Rick Tramonto tweeted via Blackberry to his 5,300+ followers. "Thank You Assistance League for letting me share my story to 300 of you today. It was my honor."
It was an honor for our Books & Brunch audience to meet Tramonto in person and a surprise to hear him speak so candidly about his past.

Tramonto's life began in Rochester, N.Y., a typical Italian kid in a working class neighborhood. Tramonto's life changed dramatically after his father went to jail on embezzlement charges and his mother took on a second job. The teenaged Tramonto dropped out of high school, took his first kitchen job at a Wendy's and became part of the disenfranchised, working hard to survive while battling addiction and dyslexia. Tramonto went on to recount his success in the Chicago restaurant scene, but was most passionate about his faith and helping the less fortunate. He is personally involved with Prison Fellowship's Angel Tree Ministry, bringing joy, hope and gifts to children with incarcerated parents. Tramonto praised Assistance League's mission and service to the community and promised to be a lifelong friend even after he moves to New Orleans for his newest restaurant venture.

Thank you, Rick Tramonto.