Notes from Carla

On Thursday October 14, sister-in-laws Diane and Pat Mrozek, Meg Cooper, Linda Gonella, Marie Raffl, Becky Moats, Judy Casten and Mary McGovern  were "cooking with gas" as they sped around our temporary Operation School Bell storage and staging area packing up school deliveries for next week when some volunteers showed up to help. 

Twelve women from Sunrise Retirement Village, some with canes and some pushing walkers, arrived to lend a helping hand so kids in our area are warm this winter. The question was how to employ these ladies to the best of their abilities and make their efforts pay off for them, for us and most importantly, for the kids.  

Some ladies who could not get around well in that crowded, busy space attached Assistance League labels to the bags. Others opened the plastic bags so the students could try the coats on easily without leaving behind a huge pile of ripped plastic bags. Another few volunteers sat at a table and added coordinated gloves and hats to bags already packed with coats. The more able, spry women walked around with our members selecting coats. It was a hectic joyous time with lots of laughs and bumps and... the packing got done. 

Mid-way through, Joy, Terry and Lynn, three old friends from Canticle Place, came by to help. After a few hours, our Sunrise volunteers went home knowing that they had helped us put Caring and Commitment into action. Meg, Marie and Linda treated our old friends to lunch at Egg Harbor.

We applaud Linda, Meg and the team for their quick and caring resourcefulness in employing the morning's volunteers.  It is not always easy to meaningfully employ all the volunteers who come to our door.  Thanks, ladies. You are truly caring and committed women of action.